Mookie Bettsó׵ȼӵijɼܲӮ˾޴ʤ˫̥ڱø

Mookie Bettsó׵ȼӵijɼܲӮ˾޴ʤ˫̥ڱø
Mookie Betts׿dzĩѡ



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2018ӮĴڳɹǰءǸӮAL MVPŵԱÿʹھӮ10ϵʤڹȥľѡУģBettsֵ6.8 Bwarȷݽ׷


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Ϊرӵõ˹Τͨ꣨Alex Verdugoƽ˵ϸи3.1 Bwar򡣳VerdugoΪǵϵͳҪǰ֮һҿԻܡǸ컨ĶǣڶάӦеأΪ»ĵĻ

ӻBrusdar Graterol˫̥ǰ͵53λMLBܵ53λ2019״࣬չܻΪһˡԺܿᡣ


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It hurts to give up Kenta Maeda and Alex Verdugo, sure. But, three things: 1.) Trades are supposed to hurt.?2.) There’s?a decent chance that Price outperforms what Maeda could have done for the Dodgers over the next few years. 3.) Betts should be a massive short-term upgrade over?Verdugo.

The Dodgers have been to two of the last three World Series and lost in the NLDS to the eventual champs?this year. Rather than rest on their laurels and wait around for their prospects to perform, they went out and got better. All it took was dealing from a position of strength to do so.

The Twins have been desperate for pitching help, and they did well to land?Kenta Maeda in the three-team deal. Maeda?pitched to a 4.04 ERA last year in 37 games (26 starts), and he had been hoping to go somewhere he could start full-time. Minnesota doesn’t have to worry about re-signing Maeda anytime soon: he’s under contract through the 2023 season and?only making $3 million per year, a boon for a low-budget?team that has?repeatedly been at the negotiating table with significant members of its rotation over the past couple of offseasons.

It took Brusdar Graterol, though, to get Maeda. He was the Twins’ No. 3 overall prospect and the No. 53 overall prospect in baseball, per MLB Pipeline. Graterol heads to Boston in the trade and could certainly pan out there. It’s obviously tough giving up young, controllable pitching. It’s worth gold to teams now, and Graterol has a fairly high ceiling as a top-end guy.

Still, it’s a solid move for the Twins, who need to jump on their title contention window?right now.?Maeda is a fairly sure thing and offers stability to a rotation that needs it.